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Dalian Lidi fluid control technology Co., Ltd

Our products are:

Suitable for gas, liquid, solid powder and low temperature environment, solenoid valve, control valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve, pinch valve, pressure regulating valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, sampling valve, filter and pneumatic components.

Temperature sensor, pressure sensor, pressure switch, liquid level meter and flowmeter are suitable for high temperature and corrosion resistant environment.

It is suitable for screw pump with high viscosity in food industry and pig valve for pipeline cleaning.

Suitable for machine tool industry electromagnet chuck.

Suitable for marine engine industry oil mist detection system and power detection system.

It is suitable for glue spraying equipment and thermosol in automobile industry.

Heating belt for explosion-proof applications.

Our authorized agent brands are:

Valves: GSR, coax, EA, Watergates, Hora, Kammerer, niezgodka, herberholz, Mondeo, chemvalve schimid, duerholdt, tognella, Mantovani, Phoenix, specken drumag (RIBA);

Instruments and sensors: fishcer, Engler, PKP, bar control, thermo control, thermo sensor, enotec, leurt, motcom, TX marine, Logica;

Mechanical parts: HK s, ATS, TAS Schaefer, rietschten, buehnen;

Electromagnet: magnet Schultz, Wagner magnet;

Pneumatic components: AIRTEC;

Special products: ILS;

At the same time, the company also provides one-stop purchasing service for European industrial spare parts. Our wholly-owned German Frankfurt Branch is responsible for the inquiry to the German suppliers, the order matching, transportation and customs declaration, so that you can easily have a fast, low-cost and Fidelity industrial product purchasing experience!

The company is headquartered in Dalian and has 7 offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenyang and Changchun.

The company's stock of 15 million RMB, to meet customer demand for delivery time!

The company headquarters has a maintenance workshop to repair the faulty products used by customers in time. At the same time, the company's 6 after-sales service personnel, can at any time to the site to provide customers with installation and debugging guidance services!