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Apply:Compressors, pumps, food, water treatment, medicine.



MONDEO Italian was founded in 1986, has extensive experience in the fluid industry. Over the years, the company has been continuously growing and adhering to research and development. The product is applied in various industries and media, such as food, water treatment, drinking water, pipeline cleaning, biogas, agriculture, etc.


As the designated agent for MONDEO check valves in China, we can provide you with technical selection and after-sales service.


Product Introduction


MONDEO check valve S MALL, MONDEO check valve IDRJA, MONDEO check valve CROMAX HD, MONDEO check valve CROMAX AP, MONDEO ball valve, MONDEO filter, MONDEO filter, MONDEO manifold, MONDEO fittings, etc.

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Main features:


1. The product design and production are completed in Italy and comply with relevant European quality standards

2. Some products pass WRAS

3.Stamped stainless steel material, precision machining and polishing, no accumulation of impurities, meeting hygiene standards

4. Multiple interface forms are available, such as external thread at one end and internal thread at the other end, which can be customized according to customer requirements

5. Compact structure and light weight

6. Good quality and affordable price

7. Large inventory and short delivery time


Three elements of MONDEO check valve design:

Increase the flow cross-section; Reduce friction; Improving the flow line of flow blocking components

MONDEO check valves undergo precision production control, processing, and polishing to minimize the accumulation of impurities and ensure that the product meets hygiene standards.

MONDEO check valve products are all manufactured in Italy and comply with relevant European quality standards.


Maintain a balance between product quality and price, with high cost-effectiveness.

Stainless steel is a good material for manufacturing products, which can be recycled to reduce waste streams.

Application of food industry certification;

The surface of the product has undergone special treatment, and the internal components have good quality, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

MONDEO check valves comply with UNI EN 1074-3 for drinking water and comply with UK Water WRAS

The valve body and metal components are both AISI304; The sealing ring is EPDM and complies with WRAS; Working temperature: -20 °C -+110 °C; Available sizes: 1 "-1" 1/4-1 "1/2-2" -2 "1/2; Threaded port: internal thread.


MONDEO check valve flange connection type:

The material is stamped stainless steel, in accordance with UNI EN 1092-1 standard PN16; Available sizes are DN50-DN65-DN80-DN100


Product model:

MONDEO check valve:

MONDEO ball valve:
GLOBE 2P, BV6240, GLOBE 3P, H2015, H2118, H3029

MONDEO filter:

MONDEO manifold and flange:

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