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AVS Römer Valve (Germany)Brief introduction:
AVS Römer Valve (Germany)
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Apply:medical, chemical, and food industries


AVS Römer automatic valve system

AVS Römer was established in 1970 and has two production bases in Gräfenhain and Langenberg. It leads the trend with innovation, achieves the best product quality, and provides sustainable work in all fields. Its products, including more than ten thousand types of valves, quick-connect fittings, and sensors, represent the highest quality.

Solenoid Valve

MAGMA ETV Solenoid ValvesSeries

MAGMA ETV系列电磁阀.jpg

Quick-connect connection, coaxial or angular flow, 2/2 and 3/2 structures, multiple control methods.
Lever structure, diaphragm seal, no medium contact with the actuator, no residue, bacteria-free generation.
The heat generated by the charged electromagnetic core has no effect on the medium.
Long service life.
Particularly suitable for applications in the food industry and medical technology field, as well as corrosive media such as acid, alkali, and special inks.
Nominal size: DN1-6mm; Connection size: Quick-connect 4, 6mm; Medium temperature: 0-130℃; Pressure: 0-16bar;

GAMMA Valve Series


Control Valves Patented valve core structure, reduces thermal load, low noise,
water hammer prevention, minimal pipeline impact. Low pressure loss. 
Valve core with high integration, can integrate check valve function.
Pressure control function can be achieved.
Nominal size: DN10-50mm; Connection size: G3/8-G2; Medium temperature: -10-130℃; Pressure: 0-16bar;

PKV Pneumatic ValvesSeries


Sturdy structure, two-way, three-way, axial flow or angular flow. 
Pneumatic control, lever structure, low resistance, large flow capacity, small cylinder volume,
medium only contacts the sealing diaphragm and valve body.
Easy to clean.
Suitable for conveying dirty and viscous media.
Nominal size: DN15, DN20mm;
Connection size: G1/2, G3/4;
Medium temperature: -10-120℃;
Viscosity: 400 mm2/s;
Pressure: 0-16bar;

EAV Direct-acting Solenoid Valves Series


Optimized direct-acting structure: Low magnetic resistance, low power consumption, low heat generation.
Sturdy structure, multiple coil options.
High integration.
Parameters: Function: 2/2-way, 2/3-way;
Nominal size: DN1.2-6mm;
Connection size: M5, G1/8, G1/4, G3/8;
Medium temperature: -10-130℃;
Pressure: 0-40bar;

FPV Proportional Control Valves


Stepless adjustment of gas or liquid flow rate;
Magnetic proportional system;
Fast response, high accuracy;
Compact structure, quick-connect interface, rapid installation;
Customizable according to requirements.
Low magnetic hysteresis, good linearity;
Low friction, avoiding stick-slip;
Repeatable positioning.


Quick-connect couplings


Materials: POM, PVDF, PPSU, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel;
Multiple functions and connection methods;
Quick assembly and disassembly, high durability, temperature up to 140℃, pressure up to 20bar;

Quick-connect functional components


Quick-connect structural matching components such as check valves, quick exhaust valves, speed control valves, filters.

Quick couplings


Quick couplings for flexible pipelines;
Materials: nickel-plated brass, stainless steel;
Multiple functions and connection methods;
Temperature: -40-140℃, pressure: 25bar;


Temperature sensors


Materials: POM, PVDF, PPSU, quick-connect connection, pipe sizes 4, 6, 8mm;
Temperature range: 0-135℃, pressure: 20bar;
FDA food-grade certification, low dead zone.

Pressure sensors


Materials: PPSU, quick-connect connection, pipe sizes 4, 6, 8mm;
Temperature range: 0-1140℃, pressure: 16bar;
Materials: PPSU (KTW, FDA certification), FKM, EPDM;
FDA food-grade certification, low dead zone.

Conductivity sensors


Contact type; Quick-connect connection;
Pressure: PN16;
Connection: pipe sizes 4mm, 6mm; Materials: PPSU (KTW, FDA certification), FKM, EPDM;
Suitable for monitoring whether the equipment system is clean and the type of medium in the system.
Temperature range: 0-140℃, pressure: 16bar;

Ultrasonic flow sensors


Hygienic, non-contact measurement;
Quick-connect connection;
Optimized dead zone structure;
Fast and accurate;
real-time measurement evaluation;
Realizes full flow with free pipeline cross-sectional area;
Integrated temperature compensation for precise measurement;
Suitable for water, milk, syrup, and other media;
Output signals: 0-5V, I²C;
Quick-connect sizes 4, 6, 8mm, can be customized.

Temperature and level combination sensor


Dual function in one, reduces the number of components, flexible installation position, space-saving.
Size can be customized, can be used with quick-connect couplings.
Temperature range: -20-140℃.
NSF 169 certification.

Gear Pump


With the design of smartflow gear pump and dead-angle-free couplings, AVS Römer has set milestones in performance and hygiene.
No dead angles;
No dynamic seals, maintenance-free;
Constant flow rate, no pulsation;
Quick switching between critical media and culture media prone to microbial growth.
Can be used for milk frothing in coffee machines.
Pressure: 0-12bar; Medium temperature: 0-95℃;
Flow rate: 0-4.2 L/min;
Brushless DC motor drive, 940-4000rpm;
Voltage: 24 V DC;
Control signals: RS 485, I²C, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA;

Flushing effectiveness test: 


pH curve and conductivity curve

Distribution Manifold


One component, multiple functions integrated: Plug-and-play solution for quick, safe, and accurate process applications in the fluid and pneumatic fields.
A single component can supply, distribute, and control liquid and gas flow in technical equipment and machinery.
The integrated filter and valve functions combined with modular design enable various configurations.
The distribution manifold handles a variety of functions as one component.
It reduces installation work and simplifies material management. 
No separate accessories are required, reducing leakage points.
Makes precise and professional installation easier and safer.
Whether it is valves, sealing and diaphragm devices, or flow, pressure, or temperature sensors, AVS Römer manifold can integrate multiple functions.
In this way, one component performs multiple functions and replaces individual products.

Certifications and Authorizations

AVS Römer products can be used in all fields of the medical, chemical, and food industries.

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