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About Hornug

Germany Hornung was founded in 1911, located in Frankfurt, Germany. In the field of pressure gases and control technologies, valves are developed and manufactured for industrial gases and high purity gases. 

Products have passed the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015; Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 certification


Hornung advantages: 

production of complex pressure regulators; leak tests with test certificates; high purity gas fittings and laboratory fittings; manufacturing materials to meet the highest requirements;


1, industrial gas valve for gas purity below 5.0

2, high-purity gas valve for gas purity below 6.0

3, high adjustable ratio, 200/300 bar can be reduced to 1bar 

4, Valve can go corrosive gas and liquid 

5, valve can go high pressure hydrogen and oxygen at room temperature 

6, valve all imported from Germany 

7, can provide combination valves and custom valves 

8, short supply cycle, there is a large stock



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