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Apply:Automotive painting, HVAC, clean room, filtration equipment, industrial furnaces, renewable resources, etc.

German Fischer (FISCHER Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH) is a family-owned company, is a German measurement and control instrument manufacturer, headquartered in Bad Salzuflen, the main products are pressure, differential pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, etc. Measuring instrument, the main product is differential pressure measuring instrument, the product has the characteristics of high precision, durability, explosion-proof, etc., and can be customized according to customer needs.

   product description:

1. Pressure products

Product classification: pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, pressure transmitter

Display mode: pointer, digital display

Measuring range: -1~+600bar

Accuracy: ±0.25%FS

Models: MA11, MA12, MA13, ME01, ME02, ME05, ME11, ME1, ME13, ME4, ME50, ME69, etc.

2. Differential pressure products

Product classification: differential pressure gauge, differential pressure switch, differential pressure transmitter, differential pressure gauge

Display mode: pointer, digital display

Measuring range: -1~+40bar (minimum range 25Pa)

Accuracy: ±0.1%FS

Models: DA01, DA02, DA03, DA08, DE03, DE05, DE13, DE15, DE27, DE43, DE44, DE45, DE46,

DE49, DS11, DS13, DS21, DS27, DS31, etc.

3. Temperature

Product categories: thermal resistance, thermocouple, temperature transmitter

Display mode: pointer

Measuring range: -50~+600℃

Accuracy: ±0.08%FS

Models: TS01, TS61, TW10, TW23, TW30, TW40, TW50, TW68, TW70, etc.

Application area introduction:

Applicable to all industrial fields, especially FISCHER differential pressure measuring instruments are widely used in automotive coatings, pumps, fans, filtration systems, indoor environmental control, etc., such as: clean rooms/clean rooms.

Obtain certification introduction:

    "97/23/EC quality system", "2011/65/EU-RoHS certification", "ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification", "ATEX94/9/EC explosion-proof equipment directive"

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