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Lumatec UV Light Source Liquid Light Guide (Germany)Brief introduction:
Lumatec UV Light Source Liquid Light Guide (Germany)
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About Lumitec


Lumitec was founded in 1976 and invented and produced the first flexible laser guide in 1976. A few years later, we developed the first infrared coagulator. It greatly simplifies medical procedures involving tissue ablation. In the early days, we specialized in serving the field of life sciences. Over time, our company has expanded and continued to patent liquid optical waveguides, sparking a series of unprecedented industrial applications. Our innovative UV waveguide is an example: it transmits light more effectively than traditional silicon fibers and is also cheaper. This combination makes them the preferred solution for curing adhesives in industrial manufacturing processes. We provide high-quality ultraviolet light sources to provide customers with excellent non-destructive testing applications. Our multispectral light sources are also very suitable for forensic purposes, as they can help detect traces and collect evidence. These powerful scientific analysis tools also provide excellent services for researchers.


Introduction to UV light source products

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Ⅲ Introduction to UV light source products

Liquid photoconductors are composed of polymer tubes with liquid cores, which do not rupture. Like a very large diameter quartz fiber. It has an open pipeline cross-section and utilizes all available space to transmit light with full reflectivity. Able to transmit light to target objects with greater intensity.


Photoconductive principle


Liquid optical waveguides are significantly superior to optical waveguides made from silicon dioxide fiber bundles due to the nature of their design. A liquid optical waveguide is very similar to a single silica fiber with a large diameter. It has an open pipeline cross-section that utilizes all available space to transmit fully reflective light. In contrast, silica fiber bundles are like many small tubes in a large tube, with unused space left between each tube. These dead spots are opaque. That's why our liquid photoconductivity can transmit to the target with greater intensity. Our liquid optical waveguide consists of a polymer tube with a liquid core, which will not break. On the contrary, if bundles of optical fibers are frequently bent and eventually broken, they will fail. Lumitec liquid optical waveguides have larger apertures, are more efficient, and serve many different applications. They are the perfect solution for applications that require uniform, high intensity light. We provide equipment and a wide selection of terminal accessories designed for various spectra from ultraviolet to infrared. If you would like to learn more about our liquid light guide, please feel free to contact us at any time.


We are happy to discuss which option is most suitable for your purpose. There are many possibilities, and we have been exploring fascinating new applications with our clients.



Ⅳ Application

1. UV coating curing (environmental development trend, furniture industry flooring and other oil curing)

2. Electronic protective adhesive (circuit board, etc.)

3. Wear resistant ink (mobile phones, keyboards, etc.)

4. Semiconductor corrosion inhibitor

5. Film business (beverage bottle, medicine bottle packaging, etc., replacing high-pressure mercury lamps)

6. Printer

7. Fluorescent microscope (mercury/LED), mercury lamp needs to be preheated for 10-15 minutes.

8. Fluorescence analysis (for qualitative or quantitative analysis)

9. Non destructive testing (ceramic ball non-destructive testing, gas turbine blade non-destructive testing, aircraft engine blade non-destructive testing)

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