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Apply:Fluid control in the production process of petroleum, chemical power, metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceutical, medicine, machinery and other enterprises.

EA LOGO.JPG  About END-Armaturen

In 1980, END-Armaturen became a participant in the design, manufacture and promotion of industrial valves. In 1992, the German EA Valve Company was established and completed the design and manufacture of all product ranges. On the one hand, EA provides a wide range of industrial valve varieties, on the other hand, it also has fast, reliable and unparalleled advantages in terms of assembly, shipment, and special design. EA complies with the credo that “quality starts at the source”. END-Armaturen's tenet is "high-tech development, high-quality products, efficient work, and high-level service". EA Company, which is engaged in the production process of petroleum, chemical power, metallurgy, paper, machinery and other enterprises, has a large inventory and short delivery time.

As an EA valve-designated agent in China, we can provide you with the perfect product and after-sales service you can think of, so that everything can develop in the direction you want.

EA LOGO.JPG  Products Sequence

EA butterfly valve, EA ball valve, EA angle seat valve, EA globe valve, EA solenoid valve, etc. EA valves are used for fluid control in the production process of enterprises such as petroleum, chemical power, metallurgy, paper, pharmaceutical, medicine, machinery, etc., dedicated to serving companies in various industries, perfect before sales, during sales, and after-sales service.

01 Pressure Reduction Valves




DM Diaphragm Pressure Reducer

Size: DN8-DN50
Connection: flange, thread, welded connection
Pressure range: Inlet:8-25bar  Outlet:1-25bar  Kv value:1-7.5m3/h
Media:liquid, gas  
Body and components material  Stainless Steel


DK Piston Pressure Reducer

Size: DN15-DN50
Connection: flange, thread, welded connection
Pressure range: Inlet:25bar  Outlet:1-25bar  Kv value:3-22m3/h
Media:liquid, gas  
Body material: Stainless Stee


Pressure Reduction Valve(Brass)

Size: 3/8”-2”
Connection: thread
Pressure range: Inlet:15bar  Outlet:1-4bar  Kv value:3-22m3/h
Media:neutral media, hot water, cold water or air  
Tmax: 80°C
Body material: nickel-plated Brass
Spring valve cover material: Brass/NBR
Spring material: Stainless Steel


Pressure Reduction Valve, Brass, DIN-DVGW

Size: 1/2”-2”
Connection: thread
Pressure range: Inlet:25bar  Outlet:1-6bar 
Tmax: 60°C
Body material: BrassCW602N
Components material: BrassCW602N
Seals material:NBR
Filter element material: Stainless Steel
Filtration Accuracy:0.51mm


Pressure Reduction Valve, Brass, DIN-DVGW

Sound insulation structure, built-in filter, single seat balanced type
Size: 1/2”-2”
Connection: thread
Pressure range: Inlet:16bar  Outlet:1.5-6bar 
Tmax: 70°C
Body material: BrassMs58


Pressure Reduction Valve, Bronze

single seat balanced type, suitable for neutral gases, liquids, and non viscous liquids
Size: 3/8”-2”
Connection: thread
Pressure range: Inlet:50bar  Outlet:1.5-10bar 
Tmax: 95°C
Body material: Bronze


Pressure Reduction Valve, Bronze

single seat balanced type, built-in filter, suitable for water, non viscous fluids, compressed air, and neutral gases
Size: DN20-DN100
Connection: flange
Pressure range: Inlet:16bar  Outlet:1-8bar 
Tmax: 95°C
Body material: Bronze
Spring cover: Bronze
Parts in contact with media: Bronze and Stainless Steel
Diaphragm: According to drinking water health standards, EPDM


Pressure Reduction Valve, Stainless Steel

single seat balanced type, built-in filter
Size: DN65-DN100
Connection: flange
Pressure range: Inlet:40bar  Outlet:1-8bar  Tmax: 95°C
Body material: Stainless Steel
Spring cover: Stainless Steel
Diaphragm: FKM, EPDM


02 Overflow Valve


Size: DN15-DN80
Connection: thread, flange, welded connection
Pressure range: 0.3-30bar  
Temperature range: PTFE:-10°C-+180°C; FKM:-15°C-+150°C; EPDM:-20°C...+130°C
Body material: Stainless Steel
Components material: Stainless Steel
Valve seat seal: PTFE/FKM/EPDM
Spring cover: Stainless Steel
Media: steam


03 Overflow Valve




Design:The safety valve is equipped with metal EPDM, NBR, O-ring seals, and bronze bellows (stainless steel)
The valve adopt a corrugated pipe structured to balance the back pressure. The maximum back pressure is 4bar.
Body material: Bronze, Stainless Steel
Size:inlet;1/2-11/4; outlet: 1-2
Pressure range: 0.5-25bar  
Temperature range: <200°C


Design:Pressure Relief Valve, spring structure with closed cover
Body material: Carbon Steel, GGG-40, Stainless Steel
Components material: Stainless Steel
Seal material: metal


04  Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve


Body material: GG-25, Stainless Steel1.4404
Valve plate material: Stainless1.4307,1.4404
Seal: NBR, EPDM, (FKM or PTFE according to requirement)
Pressure range: 5-10bar  


05  Pneumatic actuator


Housing: Anodized aluminum alloy; Stainless Steel
Cover: Red fiber reinforced plastic; Aluminium(HD/HE)
Piston: plastics, FRP, Aluminium(HD/HE)
Pinion: Stainless Steel; Steel galvanizing(HD/HE)
Guiding material: special low friction coefficient plastics
Ambient temperature: -20°C-80°C; High temperature type(<140°C) or low temperature type according to demand
Rotation angle: 90°±6° adjustable
Torque:Double acting(ED):max.1279.8MN(6bar);
Single acting(EE):580Nm(6bar),843Nm spring
Control air source pressure: 2-10bar
Control air source: clean air
Optional accessory:
Solenoid Valve, position indicator, position switch, NAMUR interface


06 Electric Actuator


The actuator is a 90° rotating product, designed for ball valve and butterfly valve.
The actuator possess overload protective system;
The actuator is equipped with anti condensation heater;
Its self-locking worm reducer ensures precise position control;
Fault safety function
4-20mA regulation
Voltage: 24VDC, 230VAC, 400V 3P
Protection grade: IP67, ATEX
Duty cycle:25-75%


07 Solenoid Valve




08 Ball Valve



09 Butterfly Valve


Design: The central valve body is a single piece structure, installed between two flanges
Body material: Aluminum alloy, GGG-40(ductile iron)
Pressure: PN10, PN16
Temperature: minimum-60°C, maximum200°C
Size: DN40-DN400


High temperature Butterfly Valve

Design: Double eccentric butterfly valves for high-temperature applications
Body material: Cast Iron GS-C25, Stainless Steel
Valve plate: Stainless Steel
Temperature:-60-230°C; -60-450°C

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