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Apply:Fluid control in the production process of petroleum, chemical power, metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceutical, medicine, machinery and other enterprises.



     In 1980, END-Armaturen became a participant in the design, manufacture and promotion of industrial valves. In 1992, the German EA Valve Company was established and completed the design and manufacture of all product ranges. On the one hand, EA provides a wide range of industrial valve varieties, on the other hand, it also has fast, reliable and unparalleled advantages in terms of assembly, shipment, and special design. EA complies with the credo that “quality starts at the source”. END-Armaturen's tenet is "high-tech development, high-quality products, efficient work, and high-level service". EA Company, which is engaged in the production process of petroleum, chemical power, metallurgy, paper, machinery and other enterprises, has a large inventory and short delivery time.


      As an EA valve-designated agent in China, we can provide you with the perfect product and after-sales service you can think of, so that everything can develop in the direction you want.

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      EA butterfly valve, EA ball valve, EA angle seat valve, EA globe valve, EA solenoid valve, etc. EA valves are used for fluid control in the production process of enterprises such as petroleum, chemical power, metallurgy, paper, pharmaceutical, medicine, machinery, etc., dedicated to serving companies in various industries, perfect before sales, during sales, and after-sales service.


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