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Staiger valve (Germany)Brief introduction:
Staiger valve (Germany)
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Staiger is a leading provider of innovative high-quality microfluidic solutions. Founded in 1974, the company employs about 200 people and has a production area of about 7000 square meters. Located in Erligheim, the factory develops and produces custom solenoid valves and fluid blocks. More than 250 patents provide qualitative innovation to Staiger's customers. As a fluid expert, Staiger understands the specific requirements of the industry. Accurate measurement of liquid and gas is the core task of staiger fluid system. High system integration allows for optimal solutions.



Staiger made-in-Germany

With Staiger's 200 highly qualified employees, high level of in-house production and local suppliers, Staiger develops and manufactures solenoid valves here. “Made in Germany” in a good sense.

Staiger's understanding of quality.

For Staiger, quality means aligning Staiger's products and services with customers' needs, requirements and expectations, and always working to improve Customer satisfaction.

To achieve these objectives, a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 was introduced.

In this way, Staiger achieves continuous process improvement, ensuring and extending the high quality standards of Staiger products.

Staiger certification and product safety 

Staiger solenoid valves are used in many fields and must comply with relevant regulations. Basically, due to the medium provided, the environmental impact of the action and possible personal protective functions, in their own hazard analysis, the user must determine whether the product used corresponds to an adequate category according to the safety standards of machine EN 954-1.

 In general, of course, Staiger's products are designed, manufactured and tested to customer specifications. In addition, there are security-related areas, such as in gas applications or potentially explosive environments. Special regulations apply here. A series of solenoid valves are DIN EN 161A and B class certified as safe stop valves for gas applications.

Another series of solenoid valves are specially designed for low-power applications in potentially explosive environments. These are approved as intrinsically safe valves.

Staiger want a beautiful earth

 This is why environmental protection is one of the first goals of business. Every employee of the company has an incentive to engage in environmentally conscious behavior in the workplace. For example, Staiger minimizes environmental impacts by using new energy-saving technologies, using renewable raw materials or using rainwater. The introduction of the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 also guarantees trust and open cooperation with the environmental authorities and the public.

Staiger takes responsibility! 

Climate Protection and limited access to raw materials are the greatest challenges of our time. Staiger's products, solutions and work are responsible for the future. Staiger also expressed this as a partner in the Sustainable Development Initiative Blue Competence. Blue Competence is a VDMA initiative that promotes the sustainability of mechanical and plant engineering while also providing sustainable solutions for the industry. Through Staiger's partnership, Staiger is committed to 12 sustainability principles for mechanical and plant engineering. Staiger main products Staiger miniature valves, Staiger proportional valves

Staiger's main products

Staiger micro valve, Staiger proportional valve



Small volume - min. valve outer diameter: 7mm, min. height: 20mm, min. weight: 4g

Low wear - the magnetic core has no frictional movement and low wear

Fast speed - switching time reaches millisecond level<1ms

High precision - providing precise flow regulation throughout the entire life cycle

Long service life - Switching Valve: >1 billion times, Proportional Valves: >100 million cycles


Staiger Solenoid Valve



Staiger Pilot Valve



Staiger Water Valve




Medical Technology:

Respiratory anesthesia ↓



Portable ventilator ↓



Cell culture ↓



In vitro diagnosis ↓



Automotive industry: fuel cells, auxiliary heating systems, pneumatic vehicle suspensions, etc



Energy system applications: gas heating, fuel burners, etc


Applications in the papermaking, printing, and textile industries: inkjet systems, textile printing systems, humidifier monitoring, etc


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