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NIEZGODKA was founded in Hamburg in 1967 and has been a family business until now. NIEZGODKA currently has nearly 70 employees. By engaging in the development and manufacture of pressure relief valves and control valves, they have achieved great success from the beginning. They always hope to provide customers with high-quality products through high requirements on functions and materials. Their goal is to obtain good customer satisfaction through good knowledge and cooperation based on partnership. Activity and quick handling are their natural reasons. They provide customers with the best solutions for their individual needs. NIEZGODKA has been established for 50 years, and they firmly believe that it is meaningful to deal with the past if they face the past and nurture a vision of the future from the experience gained. Xinghui's history: ①In 1967, Konrad Nezkodka Engineering Company was established in Hamburg-Foxdorf. ②In 1974, the company moved to Sassel, Hamburg with the newly built office building. ③In 1976, they began to look for new properties. The company is located in Barn, Germany’s Maindorf, Bargkoppelweg. Today the company is still in the same location. ④In the late 1980s, the office made progress, citing computer office. ⑤ Today, NIEZGODKA became a valve manufacturer Quotient

As a designated agent of NIEZGODKA-China, we can provide you with the perfect products and after-sales service you can think of, so that everything can develop in the direction you want.

Product introduction: 1. NIEZGODKA relief valve relief valve, also known as relief valve, pressure relief valve Niezgodka safety valve 1.2C type plays a role in pressure relief protection in the system. Control pressure without accidents due to excessive pressure. NIEZGODKA relief valve type 1 has three models, which are divided into three types: 1.1, 1.2, 1.7. NIEZGODKA relief valve type 1 is widely trusted for its high quality and can discharge the production process of customers. 2. NIEZGODKA Pressure Reducing Valve A pressure reducing valve is a throttling element whose local resistance can be changed, and is used to reduce the pressure of the system. The NIEZGODKA pressure reducing valve is a high-quality product that has passed ISO 9001 and is used for pressure reduction applications in food processing and fields. For the convenience of operation, adjustment and maintenance, the pressure reducing valve should generally be installed on the horizontal pipeline.

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