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NIEZGODKA Company was established in Hamburg in 1967 and has been a family owned enterprise ever since. NIEZGODKA currently has nearly 70 employees. They achieved great success from the beginning by engaging in the development and manufacturing of pressure relief and control valves. They have always hoped to provide customers with high-quality products through high requirements for functionality and materials. Their goal is to achieve good customer satisfaction through good knowledge and partnership based collaboration. Activity and fast processing are natural to them. They provide customers with excellent solutions tailored to their personalized needs.


NIEZGODKA has been established for over 50 years, and they firmly believe that dealing with the past is meaningful if it is oriented towards the past and nurtures a vision for the future from the experience gained.

Product Introduction


1. NIEZGODKA overflow valve


Pressure relief valve is also known as overflow valve. Niezgodka safety valve 1.2C type serves as a pressure relief protection in the system. Control pressure and avoid accidents due to excessive pressure. There are three models of NIEZGODKA relief valve type 1, divided into 1.1, 1.2, and 1.7. NIEZGODKA relief valve type 1 is widely trusted for its high quality and can discharge during customer production processes.


2. NIEZGODKA pressure reducing valve

The main models include:

T y p e3,T y p e30,T y p e31,T y p e32,T y p e33,T y p e1,T y p e5,T y p e10,T y p e14,T y p e18,T y p e19,T y p e21,T y p e140,T y p e35,T y p e4,T y p e6,T y p e11,T y p e66,T y p e67,T y p e69,T y p e98,T y p e110,T y p e7,T y p e12,T y p e13,T y p e22,T y p e24,T y p e70,T y p e71,T y p e74,T y p e75,T y p e76


T y p e 70 SKM,T y p e70 SKK,T y p e 70 SKS,,T y p e 70 SKG,T y p e 70 K,T y p e 70 S


T y p e 80,T y p e 81,T y p e84,T y p e 85,T y p e 80 SKG,T y p e 80 SKK,T y p e 80 SKS,T y p e80 G,T y p e 80 K,T y p e 80 S


T y p e 9 ,T y p e 90,T y p e 91


1. The vacuum pressure relief valve has the characteristics of high ventilation, low leakage, corrosion resistance, and has an electrostatic grounding wire to maintain an equal potential with the tank body.

2. The vacuum relief valve has freezing performance and is also suitable for cold regions.

3. Operating pressure -392. a (-40mmH 2 O),+1765 (+180mmH 2 O) or as per user requirements.

4. The vacuum relief valve is suitable for storing Class A oil with a flash points below 20°C and Class B oil with a flash point below 60. Class B oil such as gasoline, benzene, methyl benzene, kerosene, light diesel, thick oil, and chemical product storage tanks with the same properties.

5. The new corrugated oil storage tank flame arrester is used in conjunction.


Characteristics and performance


1. The shell of the vacuum relief valve is generally made of cast steel;

2. The valve disc sample is made of cast steel and tetrafluoroethylene material, which is resistant to low temperature and freezing;

3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, and convenience;

4. The performance of the vacuum relief valve needs to be tested and comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry standard S Y7511-87.

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