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Valve Agent Brief introduction:

TRICONTINENT is a manufacturer of precision OEM syringe pumps and liquid handling automation equipment from California. We are the preferred supplier of medical and biochemical diagnostic analysis equipment. TRICONTINENT can provide suitable solutions in the areas of circulating tumor cell isolation (CTC isolation), polymerase chain reaction (PCRtechniques) and other molecular diagnostics that require very precise dose requirements. The continuous development of pumps in the field of micro-flow and low-vibration products has earned us praise in the industry.

Second, the main product applications:

Tricon TRICONTINENT TriTon is a chao class quiet and smooth operation xyz robotic arm system for liquid handling. It can provide high-precision, adjustable and highly sensitive liquid level detection function, and has a self-shedding design. The puncture force of the TriTon robot arm can exceed 4.54kg, and can be adjusted in each axis to ensure that it is suitable for a variety of experimental applications. TriTon robotic arm can greatly reduce your downtime.

Three, TriTon XYZ mechanical arm pipetting pump product features:

CCU for Tecan RSP Emulation

Probe center

Liquid level detection (capacitive)

Self-designed needle tube self-shedding design

Z axis fixing bracket

System feet

Pipette pump fixed on the Z axis (no additional needles)

Input voltage: 24V DC, 2A (4A for both arms)

Operating temperature: 15-40 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius

Operating humidity: 85% relative humidity, 31 degrees Celsius

Altitude: up to 2000 meters

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