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Tippkemper (Germany)
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Apply:task interference control, detection of transparent objects, glass surface detection, spark detection, and liquid level measurement.




History of Tippkemper Company

Tippkemper is a medium-sized family-owned enterprise with 60 employees. It is a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof sensors. With 50 years of professional expertise and mature experience, it is active in the fields of automation, safety, and measurement technology. Their products comply with international and national standards and they are a global leader in industrial automation.

In 1973, Tippkemper was founded in Cologne, Germany. The company initially focused on sensor technology, optoelectronics, and sound measurement technology.

In 1979, Norsonic Tippemper GmbH was established in Overath Marialinden, Germany, as a distributor for the products of Norwegian manufacturer Norsonix A/S. In 1982, Tippemper Matrix GmbH was also established in Overath Marialinden. To this day, the company's distribution headquarters are located in Switzerland, distributing the products of Matrix Elektronik AG, specializing in the development and production of optical sensors for Ex areas.

In 1986, Norsonic Tippemper GmbH relocated to Oelde Stromberg, Germany. In 1998, Tippemper Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG was established in Oelde Stromberg, specializing in the development and production of customized industrial electronic products. The company has specialized technology in capacitance measurement probes. Its products are also distributed through Tipper Matrix GmbH.

In 2003, Matrix Elektronik AG was acquired and integrated into the Tippkemper Group. In 2016, the company introduced IEC certification.

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