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Apply:Closing device for particles, dust and crystal structure products.

About Emil Kammerer


EMIL KAMMERER GMBH was founded in Munich, Germany in 1946. It is a famous knife gate valve production company in Germany. For over 70 years, we have been developing, designing, and manufacturing high-quality gate valves and cutting equipment.

KAMMERER gate valves have the characteristics of high reliability and long service life, and are widely used in industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and power generation.

Industry applications: chemical, pharmaceutical, energy technology, waste management, metallurgy, food and feed industry, tobacco industry.


Product Introduction:

The flange complies with DIN EN 1092-1 Type A and is drilled to PN10 or ASA 150 pounds. Design temperature -20 ℃ ~+250 ℃ (depending on the material); Design pressure: silicon aluminum alloy (standard: up to 1 bar); Materials: silicon aluminum alloy and stainless steel; Gasket material: NBR, EPDM, FKM (standard).


EMIL KAMMEER Sealing System G:

The Kammerer sealing system G is designed for closing devices of particles, dust, and crystal structured products.


Production models:


EMIL KAMMEER sliding gate valve series:



EMIL KAMMEER Sealing System:


Size: DN50-200 other sizes can be customized. Temperature and pressure can also be designed according to customer needs.


EMIL KAMMERER sliding gate valve - fungicide production solution

The following is a use case of Saltigo's agrochemical cut-off solution. Fungicides produced in factories with multiple uses; Isolation and drying begin on the third floor, from top to bottom. After the drying step, the product is loaded into a large bag. At this transition point, the Kammerer sliding gate valve is integrated into the vertical drying pipeline. The product here is dried within a vacuum range of 40 to 100mbar. Kammerer sliding gate valves ensure reliable impermeability and corrosion resistance, and are renowned for their long-term service life. In this case, select FT type. The first letter, ”F”, represents the sealing system, and the last letter, ”T”, represents the shell form. In the case of the F sealing system, each sealing material actively applies pressure. The advantage of shell form T is that its short structural length can be integrated into different positions. Therefore, its structure is suitable for use in vacuum. This sliding gate valve model can be easily repaired, so the production process can continue without interruption. Impermeability is crucial for protecting processes and employees.



Emil Kammerer sliding gate valve models include GT, GO, GPT, PT, ST, FT, FDT, FK, FDK, FD, etc.


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