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Apply: 通用领域 生物医药 船舶发动机油雾浓度测量、轴承状态监测 Oil mist concentration measurement and bearing condition monitoring of marine engine



MOTCOM GmbH was etablish d by Dr Sven Claussen and Dipl Ing. Dieter Lott in 2012. Motcom GmbH's SICOMS system is an oil mist detector system for large diesel engines, while BECOMS is a safety production monitoring and measurement system for shafts and bearings.

MOTCOM GmbH is the sole owner of BeCOMS and SiCOMS.


As the designated agent for MOTCOM China, we will provide you with inquiry, technical selection, and after-sales service.


When lubricating oil or fuel comes into contact with hot surfaces, oil fumes are generated inside the engine. Damaged bearings can also cause oil mist due to heat caused by friction. When the concentration of oil fume is above 50mg/L, its flammability increases and it can explode, causing widespread engine damage and, in the worst case, affecting human life safety.



The SiCOMS system is an oil mist detection system, without the drawbacks of the older generation OMD system. It is a tubeless system, and the SiCOMS sensor is directly installed on the engine wall, allowing for rapid and accurate measurement of the generated oil mist in each chamber.

The measurement data of SiCOMS sensors is evaluated by sending a redundant serial bus and displaying the data of the entire system.

Up to 16 SiCOMS sensors can be connected to a calculator. In the event of an alarm, the evaluator is equipped with two independent relays, which can initiate engine shutdown to prevent further damage.

In addition, the measured data can also be transmitted from the evaluator through a specially designed software to a PC or the system's built-in portable monitoring device.



The sensor measures oil mist directly inside the engine. This is very sensitive, so it can measure the minimum amount of oil mist. There are no moving parts, no pipes, and the installation is very simple, requiring almost no maintenance. Sensors can be used in gasoline and diesel engines.

This software can display, store, and playback measurement data.

SiCOMS monitoring equipment can display measurement data like a monitor. It can also be used to reset alarms.


SOG and diffusor

The Splash Oil Guard (SOG) protects the engine from splashing oil inside the oil. Its multi chamber design allows only oil mist to enter the measurement section. In the case of high oil splashing concentration, the diffusor can be installed on the SOG to provide better oil splashing protection.



The purpose of the evaluator is to withstand the environment in the engine room. Its vibration resistance allows for installation close to the engine without any special support. Installed on the engine, utilizing the principle of special vibration damping characteristics.

Evaluate in an alloy box, including a liquid crystal display (LCD) and three LED indicators.

System status and five membrane buttons for user interaction. The powerful microcontroller evaluates and analyzes the continuous display of measurement data on the LCD screen, and triggers the oil mist alarm relay. The light column display makes positioning easier.


SiCOMS/OCom system advantages

-SiCOMS is easy to install and connect wires

-SiCOMS non intubation, non suction oil fume and temperature system

-Continuous monitoring through networking

-The oil fume value is visually displayed in mg/l units

-Implement temperature monitoring in all sections of the engine

-If the installation position is appropriate, the system can also measure the temperature of the spilled oil

-Self redundant measurement system

-The SiCOMS system optical probe does not require any additional maintenance and automatically protects it from splashing oil

-No movable parts

-SiCOMS probes can be replaced at any time

-Effectively reducing engine maintenance and upkeep costs

-Super reliability

-Ultra fast problem localization

-System maintenance free

-The broken single line system is still working normally

-Completely eliminate false alarms

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