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MIB(flowmax Germany)Brief introduction:
MIB(flowmax Germany)
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Apply:Food industry, water / wastewater treatment, chemical industry and plant engineering

About MIB:

MIB GmbH is developing, manufacturing and selling measuring instruments and system-solutions for liquid media. The ultrasound-flow-measuring instruments "Flowmax®" of the MIB GmbH are one of the best Ultrasonic Flowmeters for small diameters with a very well price/performance ratio.

What's company of MIB?

Know How and development are the way to success


Experience for many years in development, production and industrial management for flow meters helped to create innovative solutions in ultrasonic flow measuring.

In association with our costumers in the different industrial branches we have developed products with the priority on following aspects:

Our products shall work as a "Plug and Play" system which is easy to install   and “Fit and Forget" solution, which is maintenance free  

and also we want to help the costumer to minimize operating costs

Multifunction Flowmeter for liquid flow measuring

1 Flowmax overview.jpg

Flowmax 54i; Flowmax MID 500i; Flowmax 400i; Flowmax 42i; Flowmax 44i; Flowmax EPD; FlowCon 200i;Flowmax 242i (with Single use Sensor body)

Engineering, manufacturing and calibration of the Flowmeters, Made in Germany, inhouse by MIB GmbH

44i 01.jpg44i 02.jpg

Various diameters, housing materials, funktionality. With or without display….

Flowmax is a flow meter calculating the volume flow of liquids. Flowmax is particularly suitable for the automation of wet process facilities with very dynamic processes.

Flowmax has no moving parts and is absolutely free of wear. The design of the pipe minimizes dead space over the whole geometry. All parts having contact

to the medium are PFA (New Teflon) or PVDF,  PSU (Polysulfon) PEHD (Polyethylene).

how to work by flowmax:


What advantage by MIB(Flowmax)?

• Contactless flow measurement technology

• Precise measurement results
• No moving parts and thus no wear
• Free pipe cross-section
• Low maintenance
• High repeatability
• High functional safety/ low risk of manipulation
• Compact design
• Multifunctional flowmeter
- Flow measurement
- Empty pipe detection
- Quality control of the concentration
• Integrated dosing function with preselection and correction quantity
• Excellent chemical resistance

Main Product Introduction:

Flowmax 242i for the Bio-Pharma (single use) market


Flowmax 242i PP & Flowmax 242i Electronic 

Small sizes, FM 242i Polypropylene Class VI, DN 5 - 10, FDA proofed material

• Widest range of flow for Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Flow range from 1 l/h up to 1.440 l/h (over all sizes)

Less preassure Drop

Compactflowmeter design, flow body and evaluation electronics are separated2m from each other. Analog- digital- communication signal

Ultrasonic run time output for medium analysis

High speed measuring with 4 ms for the complete calculation of the flow

Batches down to 0,5 s for the complete step (you need fast valves and PLC)

All the relevant parameters can be programmed with handheld device with real text

Real measurement accuracy < 1%, and data documentation for each flowmeter

Delivery of the basic bodies, cleaned and double packed

Real calibration data are supplied in the dongle. Evaluation electronics checks the

compatibility of the sensor with the dongle before enabling the function

• This solution is unique 

Flowmax 400i and Flowmax 54i  for semiconductor market  


•Small sizes, FM 400i PFA, DN 7 - 20, flare connections 

• Big sizes DN 25 – 50 Teflon (today PEHD 500), Georg Fischer union thread 

Widest flow range for Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter in the HP market 

• Flow range from 1 l/h up to 54.000 l/h (over all sizes) 

• In- and outlet are in one axes, no misalignment in the pipeline  

• Less preassure drop 

Compact flowmeter design, all in one, analog- and digital- communication signal 

• Ultrasonic run time output for medium analysis 

• High speed measuring with 4 ms for the complete calculation of the flow 

• Batches down to 0,5 s for the complete step (you need fast valves and PLC) 

• All the relevant parameters can programmed with handheld device with real text 

• Best EMV solution 

• EEX Zone 2 is possible ( EEX Zone 1 is in process) for FM 42i 

• Real measurement accuracy < 1%, 

• Real calibration data documentation for each single flowmeter

Flowmax 400i PFA

flowmax400i PFA.jpg

If a display is needed, for higher temperature than 60°C and/or small footprint, use separate version 

All wetted parts are made of cleanroom compatible PFA granulate in the injection molding process, under HP conditions. 

DN 07; (0,03) 0,09 - 6,0 l/min; DN 10; 0,3 - 24 l/min; DN 15; 0,9 - 60 l/min; DN 20; 1,2 - 120 l/min. 

Applications with smallest quantity detection up to 1l/h continuous flow in many applications in and outside the HP industry are installed in the field  Very good results with oscillating liquid flows from diaphragm and peristaltic squeeze pumps 

Very good results in combination with PID controlled valves or pumps due to very fast response times of signal processing and output. Reaction times of the valves of 0.2 sec are achieved!

Typical flow pattern pumping the liquid with peristaltic pump


If the flowmeter's reading is fast enough as with Flowmax (250 readings per second), the entire flow path is recorded and processed very excellent. This is valid for all processes with pumps and valves.

Features of ultrasonic flow measurement:

Flow measurement for ultra high purity water, chemicals and slurries 

Measurement tube of High Purity PFA, housing proctection class IP65 

Compact or separate version of electronics 

Separate electronics with or without integrated display  

Sizes 3/8“ to 1“ (DN 6; 10; 15; 20: flow range 0,03 - 120 l/min) 

Measurement accuracy <1%, repeatability 0.5% 

Very fast reading of 4ms, dosing time > 1 Sec. (with fast valves) 

Medium ambient temperature - 20°- 60°C optional up to 120°C,  (-4° F ... 248° F) 

Maximum fluid pressure up to 6 bar 

Bus connection (RS 485 Modbus); analog/digital (frequency or weighted pulses), alarm output 


empty tube detection,

not wetted temperature sensor

ultrasonic run time output for medium analysis

(Quality control; change of one or two media)

Flowmax 400i PFA inline design


Design off Flowmax 400i PFA (Teflon) measuring channel inside

(picture without Piezo-Sensor)

Flowmax 54i PEHD

6 Flowmax 54i all sizes.jpg

Benchmark for Ultrasonic Flowmeters with completely free flow channel and free pipe cross-section 

Very suitable for cooling circuits, fluid and chemical supply monitoring Minimum pressure drop, maximum flow range to cover very large flow dynamics, as is usual in the supply of machine parks with anti-cyclical quantity reduction 

Monitoring main flows for PID control when dosing high concentrated chemicals (mixing on the fly) 

PEHD 500 body with Georg Fischer union thread, PTFE body with flare connection (in process) 

Electronics without polysulfone cover possible, then with two component glue encapsulated 

For this nominal diameters MIB plastic inline devices is unique

Typical pressure drop of Flowmax 54i


Low feed with Flowmax 42i, DN 5, medium oil


Sound velocity measurement. Part of Flowmax (Option)


Flowmax 400i PFA / Flowmax 54i PEHD, some possible markets

Consumption measurement for tools (wet process equipment) 

Dosing, filling and spiking of liquid volume  

Medium analysis with Ultrasonic run time output  

With Flowmax 400i we can measure the most of the critical aggressive acids and leaches, DI-Water, ammonia hydrous solution, Buffered Oxide, Etchant BOE, acetic acid; hydrofluoric acid HF; sulfuric acid; hydrochloric acid HCL and so on 

Semiconductor market 

Solar cell production 

Galvanic and printed circuit board production 

Detergent production 

Glass production and finishing 

Where MIB come from and where we are successful anyway


Flowmax 400i PFA / Flowmax 54i PEHD, some possible applications


Basic application of typical industries:

Solution for controlling! 10 beer tank´s with 1000l each. 50 Flowmax to check the consumtion at the point of sale:



Solution for controlling! Flowmeter in each line for perfect results


Installation into Semiconductor cooling circuit, DI-water


Semiconductor FSI Wafer Spray Processing 


Galvanic plant PCB production. Chemical dosage monitoring


Glass treatment process


Applications into the water and wastewater treatment


Dosing station for biocides and glycol


Dosing systems for liquids to cleaning and blenching



Flowmax 44i measuring up to 12 different cleaning liquids. The liquids are pumped 

with hydraulic or electric piston pumps. 

Singapore Airlines' laundry

Application, Filling machines for different liqids


Flowmax 44i in use  in a filling machine for filling of special high viscous liquid used in the automotive industry.

Line- and Round filling machines are one of the focus branches for special  chemistry, body care products, automotiv liquids (oil; water, cleaning liquids) cleaning liquid industry a.s.o.

Differential volume measurement at a painting station


Flowmax are very suitable for combination with peristaltic pumps


Corporate clients from many industries

-ASML §Bosch Semiconductor  

-Infineon Semiconductor 

-ABB Semiconductor ABB  

-Schmid Group Solar Cell Equipment and Galvanic manufacturing  

-RENA Technologies Solar Cell Equipment and Medical technology plant construction

-Siemens §MSD Merck  (Pharmaceutical manufacturer)

-Janssen Biological  (Dow Chemical) 

-Admedes  (Medical Stents manufacturer)