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About Thyracont


Thyracont in Germany has been producing and supplying Thyracont vacuum gauges for many years, and providing customers with customized control solutions. Thyracont is willing to work with you to propose high-quality solutions and products.

Thyracont was founded in 1970 and has been developing and manufacturing vacuum measuring instruments in Germany. What sets the Thyracont VD85 vacuum gauge apart is a combination of tradition and innovation. From the beginning, the spirit of innovation was the driving force behind outstanding technological achievements, which constantly created new momentum in vacuum measurement and control technology. Numerous patents have demonstrated the technological advantages of Thyracont vacuum gauge development.

Quality and reliability are the principles for the success of thyracont vacuum gauges. Thyracont has over 30 employees, with precision throughout the entire company. In the production process, scheduling, and customer relationships. Thyracont will continue to focus on improving the efficiency of all company functions.

For customers, suppliers, and employees, Thyracont is a long-term partner that combines excellent technology with environmental awareness and strong community awareness.

The main products include Thyracont vacuum gauges, Thyracont capacitive vacuum gauges, Thyracont Pirani vacuum gauges, Thyracont corrosion-resistant vacuum gauges, Thyracont portable vacuum gauges, and Thyracont vacuum ion gauges.



Thyracont vacuum gauges can provide their test certificates and engineering calibration certificates. Both certificates can be traced back to the German National Calibration Laboratory (DKD) standards.

The helium leak test results of the thyracont vacuum gauge on the metal sealed sensor indicate that the leakage rate is less than 5x10-10 m bar l/s

In terms of long-term stability, thyracont vacuum gauges have undergone regular and random testing.

Thyracont vacuum gauges have temperature compensation and are calibrated using a 4-point calibration method

Thyracont vacuum gauge product model:

VD8 portable vacuum gauge, S martline digital gauge series, analog series, vacuum pressure switch




Features of VD8 series products

• Battery or power supply for easy mobile use or flexible installation

• Screen display of measurement data

• The recorder can record 2000 sets of data

• Multi functional and easy to operate

• Operation mode: continuous operation and automatic shutdown of power saving mode

• Clock measurement mode increases battery life


VD8- Portable Vacuum Gauge

USB connection is often convenient for direct data transfer with a PC, but it can be measured without being connected to a PC

• VacuGraphTM software or instrument for configuration and parameter adjustment

•VacuGraphTM software can monitor, analyze, and save measurements on a computer



• Piezoresistive vacuum gauge 1600 to 1 mbar

• KM sealed sensor with high chemical impedance

• Vacuum connection method: small flange, G1/4 internal thread or hose nozzle

• High repeatability

• Very good long-term stability

• Battery time up to 5000h


German Thyracont vacuum instrument product,Thyracont vacuum gauge ,Thyracont vacuum pressure gauge



•Pirani/piezoresistive combination vacuum gauge 1200-5 x 10- Å mbar

•Temperature compensation, Pirani sensor, durable spiral wire

Pirani/piezoresistive combination vacuum gauge with wide range

•Vacuum interface DN16 ISO-KF small flange

•Accuracy and resolution throughout the entire measurement range

• Long term stability

•The sensor is sturdy and durable (piezo/Pirani)

•The Pirani sensor only works when it is below 200mbar

• Accurate gas response factor



• Expanding the Pirani vacuum gauge to 100 to 1 x e-3 mbar

• Temperature compensation, Pirani sensor, durable spiral wire

• External detachable sensor, stainless steel small flange DN16ISO-KF or 1/8 "NPT external thread

• Good reproducibility

• Sensors are shielded with metal to prevent condensation of solvents

• Accurate gas response factor

• Pirani vacuum gauge 100-5 × E-4 mbar

• Temperature compensation, metal sealed Pirani sensor, durable spiral wire

• Vacuum connection method: small flange DN16 ISO-KF

• High precision

• Sensors have excellent protection against concentrated solvents

• Due to clock measurement, the battery has a long lifespan

• Accurate gas correction factor

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