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Apply:Nitriding furnace, vacuum furnace, vacuum pump, vacuum coating, vacuum purification, etc.


Thyracont in Germany has been producing and supplying thyracont vacuum gauges for many years, and provides customers with customized control solutions. Thyracont is willing to work with you to provide high quality solutions and products.

As the designated agent of thyracont vacuum gauge in China, we will provide you with inquiry, technical selection and after-sales service.

Product introduction:

The main products are thyracont vacuum gauge, thyracont capacitance vacuum gauge, thyracont Pirani vacuum gauge, thyracont corrosion-resistant vacuum gauge, thyracont portable vacuum gauge, thyracont vacuum ion gauge.

The characteristics of the pyracont vacuum gauge are as follows

Both the test certificate and the engineering calibration certificate can be provided. Both certificates can be traced back to the German National Calibration Laboratory (DKD) standard.

The results of helium leak detection of metal sealed sensor by thyracont vacuum gauge show that the leakage rate is less than 5 × 10-10 m bar L / s

In terms of long-term stability, gyracont vacuum gauges have been tested regularly and randomly.

The pyracont vacuum gauge has temperature compensation and is calibrated by four point calibration method

Tyracont vacuum gauge product model:

Vd8 portable vacuum gauge, s martline digital gauge series, analog series, vacuum pressure switch

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