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Knocks series(Germany)
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KNOCKS FlUID-TECHNIK was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Salem, Germany. As a manufacturer of filters and regulators, we provide medical solutions to our global customers. KNOCKS has been developing design solutions in the medical field for nearly 50 years, with 25 years of development momentum. Provide exclusive answers to your questions in the field of pressure control and filtration - including convenient proprietary advantages and fair conditions. Good performance is an important quality in the medical field, and the KNOCKS pressure reducing valve has been proven to have these qualities.


Main products of KNOCKS medical pressure reducing valves

KNOCKS medical pressure reducing valve, KNOCKS pressure reducing valve, KNOCKS respirator pressure reducing valve, KNOCKS anesthesia machine pressure reducing valve, KNOCKS filter, KNOCKS oil mist filtration triple unit, etc.


KNOCKS medical pressure reducing valve features:

KNOCKS pressure reducing valves have been developed for water applications in the medical and food industries. They provide clean solutions for dialysis devices, dentistry, and reverse osmosis water systems - the performance of pressure reducing valves can meet these standards. The materials we use are harmless to the human body and have biocompatibility.

Our control has high accuracy in the clinical field. The central air supply equipment, mobile and fixed oxygen compressors, as well as medical air supply and ventilation systems in hospitals and treatment centers only allow small tolerances. In anesthesia, accuracy is crucial. Due to our long-term rigorous quality testing of control equipment, we assure medical staff that they are providing high-quality equipment for patients.


KNOCKS Medical Pressure Reducing Valve DR.23 O Pressure Reducing Valve G 1/2 

Application: Central Air Supply Device/System, Medical Equipment, Oxygen Compressor, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10524-4


KNOCKS Medical Pressure Reducing Valve DR.036-00 Plug-in Pressure Reducing Valve with Connection Block G 1/8

Applications: respiratory equipment, anesthesia systems, gas control and monitoring devices

Biocompatibility, FDA compliance, compact design


KNOCKS Medical Pressure Reducing Valve Model:

DR.021-01、DR.032、DR.021-00 VC、GRE.01 TW、GCE.01 W、DR.050 S、DR.23 O、DR.33 O、DR.55 O、DR.01mO、DR.01mO、DR.036mO


KNOCKS air source triple unit, F.R.L.. In pneumatic technology, the assembly of air filter (F), pressure reducing valve (R), and oil mist eliminator (L) as three types of air source processing components is called a pneumatic triplet, which is used to purify, filter, and reduce the pressure of the air source entering the pneumatic instrument to the rated air supply pressure of the instrument, equivalent to the function of a power transformer in the circuit.

KNOCKS air filtration pressure reducing valve is light and small, and easy to install. Therefore, the KNOCKS air source triplet is installed together with pneumatic transmitters, pneumatic regulators, and other products to be used together. If the pressure reducing valve of the air filter is designed as a whole, it is called a duplex component. The air source processing triple unit includes three major components: air pressure reducing valve, filter, and oil mist device. The pressure reducing valve can stabilize the air source, keeping it in a constant state, and reducing damage to hardware such as valves or actuators due to sudden changes in air pressure. The filter is used for cleaning the gas source and can filter the water in compressed air to prevent water from entering the device with the gas. The oil mist atomizer can lubricate the moving parts of the body, and can lubricate the parts that are not convenient to add lubricating oil, greatly extending the service life of the body.

The German KNOCKS gas source triplet manufacturer is headquartered in Selm, western Germany, and has a history of over 40 years of professional production of gas source triplets. The company employs 180 people and has an annual sales revenue of 17 million euros. It produces triplets (filtration, pressure reduction, lubrication) that can be freely combined. The KNOCKS air source triplets are suitable for various working conditions.

The German KNOCKS products are divided into three major series:




MULTI FLE Die-casting Series

(Low temperature resistance, suitable for low temperature applications such as high-speed rail transit)



Futura Full-plastic Series


The German KNOCKS air source triple unit is professionally produced with various sizes and a complete product range.

The product can be used in various industrial fields.


Shipbuilding industry



Textile industry



Food industry



Medical industry


Rail transit industry


The main advantages are flexibility, fast delivery, long history, rich experience, customizability, and a specialized product line.

The product has both high and low grades, high cost-effectiveness, and a wide range of coverage parameters.

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