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AVS Römer Connector (Germany)Brief introduction:
AVS Römer Connector (Germany)
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Apply:Coffee machines, water purifiers, water purification equipment and other related industries

AVS connector is an application connector produced by AVS Römer company in Germany. AVS Römer was established in 1970. Since its inception, it has two comprehensive production facilities in Grafenau and Langenberg, responsible for product research and development and production. The R&D department of AVS ömer in Germany closely tracks cutting-edge industrial technology and provides high-quality AVS connectors and AVS valve products and solutions to customers in various industries using good production processes.

Among them, food grade AVS connectors are made of three different materials: PPSU, PVDF, and 316L, mainly used in the coffee machine industry. Coffee machines that use AVS joints are highly favored by today's consumers for their convenient use and health and hygiene, and are widely used in airports, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, convenience stores, etc.

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The German AVS connector provides food grade solenoid valves and valve groups with performance for fully automated commercial coffee machine manufacturers, with the main parameters as follows:

1. Electromagnetic valve form: 2/2 way valve, 3/2 way valve, valve group

2. Main material: PPA, complying with KTW and NSF certifications;

3. Sealing materials: FKM and EPDM, both of which comply with the US FDA food grade certification

4. Connection method: fast insertion

5. Size of PTFE pipe connecting pipe: φ 4mm φ 6mm

6. Hot water temperature: max+ 140 ℃

7. Hot water pressure: max.16bar


The German AVS connector is mainly used in fully automatic commercial coffee machines for grinding water, instant water pipelines, and milk pipelines, with the following advantages:

1. The main material meets NSF food grade certification;

2. The sealing material meets FDA certification in the United States;

3. Safe and healthy, completely free from harmful substances such as lead to the body;

4. Can be installed online;

5. High precision.


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The main products of German AVS Römer: AVS Römer connectors, AVS Römer solenoid valves, and AVS Römer pneumatic valves.

Online: Heilna Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd. - responsible for European equipment spare parts business. Heilna Trade (Germany) - responsible for liaising with European suppliers and assembling orders for shipment.

Offline: Dalian Leader Fluid Control Technology Co., Ltd. has 8 offices as an agent for AVS connectors. It can provide users with product selection, engineering design, installation, debugging, and valve maintenance services. Welcome all new and old users to negotiate AVS connector procurement business with our company.

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