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Apply:Shield machine, industrial furnace, machine tool, testing, metallurgy, vacuum, steam turbine and other industries. It is suitable for vacuum, gas, liquid, colloidal, abrasive, polluting and corrosive media.


About COAX

Since 1960, COAX coaxial valves have played an important role in the control field in various industries and media. In these areas, the quality of our products is impeccable, reaching the highest standards in the entire system.

When dealing with processes such as controlling, regulating and monitoring different media, it is necessary to find a reliable partner. Our innovations and know-how make us a reliable partner because we developed the original coaxial valve.

With more than 30,000 types of valves, we can easily deal with various valve technical problems. Whether it is low or high viscosity, lubricated or frictional, neutral or strongly corrosive, or even dirty media, we can easily deal with it.

As the COAX coaxial valve-the designated agent in China, we can provide you with the perfect products and after-sales service you can think of, so that everything can develop in the direction you want.

Product description:

Two-position two-way external control coaxial valve

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