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Apply:Waste recycling / waste incineration Glass industry Plant and machine construction Automobile industry Heat treatment Laboratories Industrial furnace construction Aluminium and non-ferrous metal industry Cement and building material industry Energy production Plastic industry


About Günther


Günther Company was established in 1968 with a history of over 50 years

Products: Günther thermocouples, Günther thermal resistors, spare parts and accessories

Manufacturer of Günther temperature sensors, thermocouples, and resistance thermometers

Develop new Günther temperature sensors

Trading with spare parts and accessories

temperature measurement

Calibration, customer service, and training

Over 50 years of experience

Customers cover almost all industry branches

Over 100000 different serial numbers

Develop sensors according to customer requirements


Günther has been producing and supplying thermocouples for industrial furnaces for many years, as well as German thermocouples, and providing customized temperature measurement solutions for customers. In addition, we operate EX Günther German thermocouples for petrochemical applications. Günther is willing to work with you to propose high-quality solutions and products.

Günther's main products and characteristics of German thermocouples:

Type R PtRh13-Pt, Type S PtRh10-Pt, Type B PtRh30-PtRh6

Type K NiCr Ni, Type J Fe CuNi, Type L Fe CuNi

Type C WRe5 WRe26, Type N Nicross Nisil

Type D WRe3 WRe25




Günther Thermocouple Application

Günther glass furnace thermocouple, Günther ceramic furnace thermocouple, Günther chemical Ex thermocouple, Günther heat treatment thermocouple, Günther ceramic, metal protective sleeve, etc

The Günther German thermocouple series meets the quality requirements of TUV and provides thermocouples and protective tubes. Günther German thermocouples have undergone strict standard testing, and many models of Günther German thermocouples are in stock. Günther German thermocouple can measure media at 2000 ℃ and can be delivered according to requirements.


Günther Thermocouple Product Series

00-TMT, 05-TKT, 08-TMP, 10-TMM, 12-THD, 13-TFL, 14-TES, 15-TKM, 18 -TKL, 20-TOM, 30-WTE, 35-WGG


Calibration range: -100 ° C to 1600 ° C

Traceable to National Standards (PTB)

Optimized QM system (IEC 17025) with efficient results




Calibration according to important standards (IEC 60584, AMS 2750, CQI-9,...) and related certificates




Application scenario examples

On site furnace temperature uniformity measurement (TUS)

System Accuracy Test (SAT) for checking temperature measurement systems

The System accuracy measurement/SAT of industrial furnaces belongs to online calibration.

For laboratory use, there are also thousands of sensors sold annually for calibration.

Mainly used in the automotive and aerospace industries (based on standards AMS2750 and CQI-9), such as automotive and aircraft components where steel requires accurate temperature and frequent calibration.





• 1 Günther was one of the earliest companies to enter the high-temperature industry and gradually penetrated the low-temperature industry

• 2 Sufficient material inventory, no minimum order quantity, able to meet customers' delivery needs in a timely manner

• 3 Reliable product quality, fast reaction speed, and precise measurement of data in high-temperature environments

• 4 The product meets various application scenarios and provides customized temperature sensors

• 5 Thermocouple strip test calibration sensor holes can be calibrated at the same point

• 6  Günther has internationally recognized laboratories that provide calibration services


Application of Glass Kiln

Thermocouples used on top of glass furnaces, extreme conditions, temperatures up to 1800 ℃. Use the best ceramics and special materials. Use dual C799 ceramic protective tubes. The temperature of the top sidewalls and bottom of the furnace is also very high, and the temperature should be measured not only directly in the molten glass, but also indirectly in the lining. Product used: Precious metal sleeve thermocouples are placed in ceramic tubes. Type S/R/B platinum thermocouple.

Bubbler system: Strengthen convective flow inside the tank, refine and homogenize the solution, and prevent unmelted materials from flowing too far away from the refining area through a barrier.

Our manufacturer can also provide tubes for this bubbler. Tubes come in different forms, metal or ceramic.

Glass level probe: It is not used to measure temperature, but to monitor and adjust the liquid level of molten glass. Aluminum oxide protective tube with precious metal needle at the bottom.




Heat treatment industry

Thermocouple for monitoring furnace temperature: Use two pairs of thermocouples for measurement.

Batch thermocouples: temperature uniformity measurement, distributed in different locations, internal temperature measurement, component temperature measurement.




Application in the shipbuilding industry: Durable and highly accurate

Temperature measurement of exhaust pipes: installed in the exhaust pipes of engines, turbines, and compressors, with extreme temperature and high vibration resistance,

Cooling water, fuel, ventilation/refrigeration equipment, temperature measurement

Indoor temperature measurement of ships

Monitoring bearing temperature measurement

Pipeline surface temperature measurement


Other industries


Aluminum and non-ferrous metal industry

Cement and building materials industry

L Energy production

Factory and machine structure

Steel industry

Explosion proof: Food, flour industry, dust explosion proof, different lengths, shapes, multi-point measurement.


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