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ATS oil seal (Italy)Brief introduction:
ATS oil seal (Italy)
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Apply:Paper making equipment, metallurgical equipment, wind power, crusher, ship, large gearbox, reducer, motor, general heavy industry and other fields.

About ATS


ATS (Alta Tecnologia Seal: High tech Oil Seal) was established in Nova Milanese (MB), Italy in 1983. It is a company that produces teshu and large oil seals for the heavy industry. In order to develop the market, it merged with Italian FP company in 2012.

The technical department and modern production workshop are equipped with CNC, lathes, and other equipment. A highly automated testing department that provides reliable quality through automatic and manual quality control, equipped with laboratories for accurate testing and analysis.

The special seal produced by ATS oil seal is fully formed and seamless during the manufacturing process, with a maximum diameter of 2000mm. After lip vulcanization, it is firmly bonded to the metal part, so there is no leakage between rubber and metal.


FP ATS oil seal main products:

FP ATS oil seal, FP ATS inner skeleton oil seal, FP ATS outer skeleton oil seal, FP ATS high-pressure oil seal, FP ATS cloth clamp oil seal


ATS oil seal special oil seal, ATS oil seal cloth oil seal, ATS oil seal grease seal, ATS oil seal V-ring, ATS oil seal oil film bearing seal, ATS oil seal large diameter oil seal, ATS oil seal large oil seal.


FP ATS oil seal structure:

Lip end: In a wedge-shaped shape, press the oil seal shaft body at the end to seal the fluid.


Sealing lip: A flexible elastomer that maintains stable sealing under the influence of mechanical vibration/fluid pressure.


Spring: After the sealing lip is worn, displacement compensation is performed


Dustproof lip: Dust, water, and other pollutants


Matching part: The fixation between the oil seal and the cavity prevents fluid leakage from the outer surface of the oil seal.


Skeleton: stabilizing effect.


FP ATS oil seal material:


1. Framework: DC04; AISI 304; AISI 316


2. Ring mounted spiral spring: AISI 302; AISI 316; C72


3. Rubber: NBR; FKM; VMQ; HNBR; EPDM


FP ATS oil seal features:


Typical application industry: general industry (conventional industry, various types of gearboxes, reducers, etc.)


Working condition: Generally, the linear speed is relatively low, and the pressure is less than 0.5 bar.


Product features: strictly manufactured according to DIN3760 standard, one time molding, rubber wrapped spring, long service life


Performance: Bangfeili, Santanzaro, Metso, ZF, etc


FP ATS oil seal model:



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