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M-TECH Valves(Germany)Brief introduction:
M-TECH Valves(Germany)
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Apply:Industrial, medical and special gas manufacturing high-quality inflation systems

     German M-TECH valves are used in industrial, medical and special gas manufacturing high-quality inflation systems. Our gas station has been successfully used in more than 30 countries around the world in the field of single gas and mixed gas. A

     All our systems are tailored to your needs, and the design operating pressure can reach 420bar. Innovative product concepts assure you of maximum safety. All of our products are clean, tested, assembled and packaged to meet oxygen purity requirements. The valves and fittings of MPG series have been tested and certified by BAM, CTE and TUV. No matter where you install our products, we will provide you with global customer service. You define your needs-we work closely with you to provide you with the best solution.

     Product introduction: M-TECH includes: valve, inflation valve island, inflation system. Suitable for ultra-pure gas, mixed gas, electronic gas, etc. M-TECH valve inflation system features: - pressure range up to 420 bar - safety bracket is supported by a balancer, more convenient operation - pneumatic and automatic safety fixation of gas cylinders - a high degree of flexibility and mobility : MPG 12 HD, MPG 12 NC/NO, MPG 12 PR, MPG 12 RV, DBV 20, MPG 03 HD, MPG 03 NC/NO, MPG 03 PR, MPG 12 CV, MPG 12 FI, MPG 12 FI-CV

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