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FRANKE FILTER(Germany)Brief introduction:
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Apply:Gas turbine, steam engine and hydraulic turbine, gas engine, diesel engine, generator, gear, etc

Franke filter is a German manufacturer. Its main product is oil mist separator. With 30 years of professional design experience, it is mainly used in various turbine and large compressor lubrication systems. Its function is to filter the high-temperature oil mist generated by the lubrication system. Among them, the oil mist separator on gas turbine, steam turbine and hydro generator is its advantage industry,

It has the following characteristics:

a. Long maintenance free interval: it can work continuously for 15000-30000 hours, which is higher than the maintenance interval of the turbine, so that maintenance is free during the turbine operation cycle, which is impossible for electrostatic and other brands of oil mist separators;

b. High oil mist separation efficiency: using the technical agglomerating filter element, the separation efficiency can reach 99.9% (0.1 μ m);

c. Low oil mist emission concentration: the oil mist emission concentration is as low as 1mg / m3, meeting the EU environmental protection emission standard; D. no change of lubricating oil and grease: a certain amount of various functional additives will be added to the turbine oil / lubricating oil according to the requirements, which will not damage the additive components while separating the oil mist; e. high recovery rate of lubricating oil: 2000 liters of lubricating oil can be recovered every year (depending on the oil tank capacity) Product). Frank filter has rich industry application experience, and its customers mainly come from gas turbine, steam turbine, hydro generator, large compressor unit, etc., including man and atlas


Turbo, Alstom, abb, Ge, Siemens, Sulzer, Rolls-Royce, HYDAC, MTU, Hitachi, Hyundai, Kawasaki, etc.

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