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Resistance thermometers with machine connectors


This type of resistance thermometers with threaded sockets are used for temperature measurement of liquids in regions with vibra- tions and challenging surrounding media up to a temperature of 200°C.



Advantages of resistance thermometers with machine connectors:

Resistant to Vibrations

Quick connection of cables and sensors

Constructed in stainless steel (sealed, hygienic, etc.)


The most common application areas among others are machine construction, industrial, food and beverage systems. The electric machine connector M12x1 guarantees high-level protection (IP65) and comfortable connection of cables and sensors using a 4-pin plug.

Pt 100 2-wire measuring elements are standard implementation, tolerance class B according to EN 60751. It is possible, however, to implement Pt 500, Pt 1000 or specialised sensors (also as double version). Furthmore if needed a transducer may be fitted inside the connection head.


Application examples:

Tanks and containers

Machine and plant construction

Technological processes

Energy production and distribution

Food and beverage industry