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Günther Main type_71KFT&72KFW


71-KFT / 72-KFW

Cable thermocouples

and cable resistance thermometers


Sensors of this type are primarily used for temperature measurement in liquid and gaseous media. However, there is a broad palette of configuration and construction options that can be adapted to specific applications. Due to their make-up, these sensors may be used  in temperature ranges between -200°C and +400°C.


Advantages of cable thermocouples and cable resistance thermometers

  Reliable, partly watertight construction

  Broad selection of configuration options

At the point where the sheath meets the cable, the sensors may be equipped with a teflon coating (moisture protection) and/or springs (cable break protection).

Other types of temperature sensors, similar to plug-in resistance thermometers, are referred to by their construction or mounting type, respectively their area of application. For example:

  Surface sensors

  Contact sensors

  Pipe or tube sensors

  Threaded sensors

  Welding sensors

  Acid- and oil-tight versions are realizable


Application examples for cable thermocouples and cable resistance thermometers:


  Machines and devices

  Heating units