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Tippkemper Explosion-proof sensor & light curtain


Tippkemper explosion-proof sensor, explosion-proof light curtain

Through-beam type explosion-proof sensors LBD, LBN, LBG, ILD, ILN, ILO, ILG, AX-S, AX-E (non-explosion-proof IBS, IRL).



The emitter and receiver are installed face to face, aligned, without any obstruction.

The emitter emits visible light or laser. In the absence of obstruction, the receiver receives the light. When an object being detected passes through, the light is obstructed, causing a change in light flux. The photoelectric switch activates and outputs a switch control signal to cut off or connect the load current.

Applications of Tippkemper through-beam type sensors

Presence control

Positioning tasks

Interference control

Detection of transparent objects

Glass surface inspection

Spark detection

Liquid level measurement

Reflex type explosion-proof sensors ISD, ISN, RLD, RLN, AX-R, PSD, PSN, IRD, IRN, IDD, IDN, FAD, FAN, IRF, FDS, FD, FDN, FDD, RGF, RS..., OCS (non-explosion-proof RLS, RLR, ISS).



Explosion-proof special type sensor GL


Explosion-proof light curtain ILS


Application of Tippkemper explosion-proof sensor

Monitoring of construction seam in tunnel kiln

Wood and paper industry, concrete, cement and gravel factories

Waste incineration plants, recycling plants, bulk material control

In places where high penetration, dirt resistance, operating distance and easy handling are required

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