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SITEC is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

   Founded in 1984.

   The company mainly produces: high-pressure manual valves, pneumatic valves, electric/pneumatic regulating valves. The maximum pressure is 7000bar.


   1. Provide 6 types of valve body structure with high pressure connector.

    2. High-pressure pipeline, up to 11000bar. Sizes 1/16~9/16. Both hard tubes and hoses are available.

   3. Provide high-pressure connectors.

   4. Provide high-pressure test bench, extraction system, laboratory carbon dioxide circulation system.

   5. Provide supercharger, maximum 10000bar; high pressure pump. Maximum 10000bar.


   As SITEC valve-designated agent in China, we can provide you with professional technical selection and after-sales service.

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