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Application of Coax Coaxial valve solenoid valve machine tool industry


The co-ax coaxial valve has passed the experiment and test, and has been applied by a large number of customers for many years. It has developed into a reliable product for controlling cutting fluid, lubricating oil and other granular, highly polluting and viscous media in the machine tool industry.

Product range diversity: from simple on-off valves, to special application valves - pressure limiting valve, pump protection valve, pressure reducing valve, flow control valve, to modular valve group.

With a wide range of options: valve diameter, port connection, sealing, seat configuration, our experienced engineers will select the most suitable valve for you, which can be applied in almost all occasions of machine tools.

Today, let's talk about the application in the machine tool industry

1. MK / vmk switch control valve series application:

Cutting fluid switch control valve: as the switch control valve of cutting fluid on-off.


1. Dirt resistant media (able to withstand impurities such as chips in cutting fluid)

2. Fast switching speed

3. Small size

Refrigerant switch control valve: the temperature of cutting fluid needs to be controlled within the required range, so it is necessary to reduce the temperature of cutting fluid when the temperature of cutting fluid rises. At this time, the cooling water and cutting fluid need to be exchanged in the plate exchanger. The valve of co-ax is used to control the cooling water. Similarly, lubricating oil also needs to be cooled frequently. The cooling method of lubricating oil is similar to that of cutting fluid.


1. Small size

2. Back pressure resistance

3. The coil has good quality and can be started frequently

2. HPB, SPB series pressure limiting valve

U HPB pressure control valve, threaded G3 / 8 – G1 1 / 2, pressure rating 0-200 bar.

U SPB pressure control valve, threaded connection G3 / 8 – G1 1 / 2, pressure rating 0-200bar. Pressure regulation by control signal

Constant pressure in pipeline before valve

The pressure of cutting fluid ejected from the cutter head is constant, because under high pressure, the change of cutting fluid pressure will also affect the machining accuracy of products. (when the pressure suddenly changes, the pipeline of the machine tool will vibrate, which will affect the machining accuracy, the force of tool processing and the direction of tool travel.)

In the centralized control system of cutting fluid, all the machine tools in a production line are supplied with cutting fluid by a cutting fluid supply system. At this time, if one of the equipment stops working, the cutting fluid pressure of the other several equipment will fluctuate, which will affect the machining accuracy. If this valve is added, the pressure in the whole system will be kept stable, which will not be caused by other machines The bed starts or stops and fluctuates.

The fluctuation of grid voltage will affect the change of cutting fluid pressure supplied by the pump, which will also affect the cutting accuracy. HPB and SPB can also keep the pipeline pressure constant in this case.

Protect the cutting fluid pump

When the pump is used for a long time, the pressure of the pump will not be damaged when the pump is used for a long time.

At present, the speed of CNC machining is very fast, and the replacement of workpieces and tools is also very frequent, which will lead to frequent opening of the cutting fluid pump. If HPB series products are installed, the frequency of starting the pump will be greatly reduced and the service life of the pump will be enhanced.