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Apply:Wind power, general industrial occasions, pneumatic industry, general hydraulic system, hydraulic test bench, chemical equipment, etc.

Bar control is a pressure switch brand of German herion & RAU fluidtechnik company. Its products are mainly used in hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum industries, and OEM production for many large enterprises, such as Helberg, Rexroth, hedek, FESTO, Schmitz, etc.

Pressure switch features:

1. Self cleaning contact: barcontrol pressure switch self-cleaning contact is the company's technology, can be life, provide low switching current / voltage;

2. Repeatability accuracy: ± 2.0%, the accuracy of common pressure switch brands on the market is ± 5%, our products have great advantages;

3. PTFE piston seal

4. Silver contact

5. Adjustable return difference

Product introduction:

Type of barcontrol pressure switch ads:

Mechanical pressure switch, electronic pressure switch

Bar control pressure switch product series:

Pneumatic pressure switch: PDL, PDC, PDS

Hydraulic pressure switch: HDL, HDC, HDS

Vacuum pressure switch: VDL, VDC, VDS

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