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Apply:Automotive, electronics, wind power, packaging, construction, furniture / wood products, textiles / foam, filters and so on.


In 1922, Mr. heinrichbuehnen opened a machine repair workshop in Bremen. With his excellent skills, Mr. heinrichbuehnen quickly developed the workshop into a professional manufacturer of hot melt machines, and the products were exported to European countries. With more than 90 years of experience and reliable quality, buehnen has become the best partner in the hot melt adhesive industry, providing customers with a comprehensive range of hot-melt adhesive products, hot-melt adhesive spraying system, matching accessories and equipment and the best solutions. Products are mainly used in the automotive industry, construction industry, concrete industry, electrical industry, filter industry, flower art, furniture industry, foam and textiles, packaging industry and so on.

As the appointed agent of buehnen in China, we can customize it according to customers' requirements.

Product introduction:

1. Buehnen hot melt adhesive: buehnen provides more than 3000 kinds of hot melt adhesives, including EVA (cellulose acetate and its products), Po (polyolefin), PA (polyamide), PSA (hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive), PUR (wet reactive polyurethane), por (silane modified polyolefin), acrylic (acrylic acid) and other chemical materials. It can be made into different forms, such as φ 42mm cylinder, φ 12mm rod, φ 18mm rod, granular, pillow shaped, large block, 310ML aluminum rubber cylinder and barrel.

Buehnen characteristic hot melt adhesive: avenia antioxidant hot melt adhesive suitable for food packaging industry


2. Buehnen manual glue gun: buehnen provides 80W ~ 600W manual glue gun with different power according to different requirements of customers. The glue melting capacity is 0.3 ~ 2kg / h with φ 12mm and φ 18mm glue sticks.

Models: hb181, hb185 / 185lt, hb190, hb195, hb220, hb230e, hb325


3. Buehnen glue supply system: HB 5010 hot melt glue supply system is a water tank system with gear pump in modern plastic shell. Its main application fields are packaging industry, display products, construction industry, cushion furniture and mattress industry. Suitable for EVA, Po, PSA hot melt adhesive. The product can supply up to two throats and has a simple and easy to operate display. The temperature control system includes timing, manual or programmable temperature drop control, and Ni 120 temperature sensor that can be converted.


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