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KIESEL has been producing and supplying highly specialized KIESEL pigs for more than 40 years, and providing customers with customized control solutions. In addition, we operate and maintain the petrochemical and shipping industries. KIESEL is willing to work with you to propose high-quality solutions and final products.

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 Main products: KIESEL pig, KIESEL uniform velocity pig, KIESEL debug pig, KIESEL pressure regulator pig, KIESEL PIG ball, etc. KIESEL pig features: 1 EHEDG, FDA, TUV, DERA certification 2 It is a uniform speed PIG ball, and it will not be crushed due to too fast speed. 3 Green and environmental protection, saving resources. 4 The system can provide a suitable pump pressure. 5 The system has speed regulation and pressure regulation devices so that the ball can be PIG. The ball can run at a uniform speed. 6KIESEL PIG Ball pigging system consists of unique plunger valve, ball valve, sensor, pressure regulator, speed regulator, transceiver device, etc.

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