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Apply:Industrial textiles, rubber, plastics, paper, and many other equipment.


     HAAG + ZEISSLER Maschinenelemente GmbHwas established in 1979 as a modern company. Germany HAAG +ZEISSLER has been providing good solutions for rotary joints for 25 years. Products are used in industrial textiles, rubber, plastics, paper, and many other equipment.

     Product introduction: 

     HAAG+ZEISSLER joint, HAAG+ZEISSLER rotary joint, HAAG+ZEISSLER, HAAG+ZEISSLER rotary joint, HAAG+ZEISSLER quick joint, HAAG+ZEISSLER stainless steel pipe HAAG+ZEISSLER rotary joint Rotarion-7100 series: single input/output line ; Brass housing; N-model carbon graphite silicon carbide seal; D-model silicon carbide silicon carbide seal (poor application with filtered water, or abrasive fluid). HAAG+ZEISSLER swivel joint 9001 ND series: general purpose-cooling, heating, clamping; sealing with bellows; cartridge replacement CD cartridge design; sealing material ceramic/graphite; ball bearing (can be relubricated); no elastomer-therefore No temperature and chemical resistance issues; no loose parts, such as springs; dirty media is less affected; no additional support is required; there is a stainless steel version.

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