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Apply:Chemical industry, petrochemical, air separation, pressure swing adsorption and other high explosive risk areas.



   NADI is an Italian solenoid valve manufacturer with more than 30 years of design and production experience. The products have the characteristics of durability and high reliability. NADI's main product is flameproof solenoid valves, which are mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, air separation, and transformation. High explosive risk areas such as pressure adsorption, especially two-position three-way and two-position five-way solenoid directional valves can be used to control pneumatic switching valves, which can completely replace the ASCO series explosion-proof solenoid valves.

     Product description:

     Product classification: two-position two-way, two-position three-way, two-position five-way, three-position five-way

     Applicable medium: gas, liquid

     Body material: brass, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel

     Connection method: thread (G1/4"~G4", NPT1/4"~NPT2"), NAMUR interface, flange (DN50~DN100)

     Protection level: explosion-proof (ATEX II 1/2 GD EEx dc IIB T6 IP67, EEx dc IIC T6 IP67), non-explosion-proof (IP65)

     Special options: manual reset, low temperature (-60°C), high voltage, low power consumption, coil overvoltage protection, degreasing treatment (for oxygen), anti-electromagnetic interference

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