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Apply:All working conditions that require pressure and flow in proportion to stepless output, or require frequent adjustment.

LANNY is a German manufacturer of electric proportional valves. Its products are mainly used in bottle blowing machines, laser cutting, CNC grinding machines and other fields that require continuous proportional output of pressure and flow. The products have the characteristics of high precision, high pressure and large flow. Customized customer needs, the company obtained "ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification." Electrical proportional valve is a device that uses electrical signals to control fluid pressure and flow. It is an important device in the field of gas industry automation. It can achieve stepless adjustment and continuous output of fluid pressure and flow. Applicable to all working conditions that require pressure and flow ratio stepless output, or frequent adjustment, such as: laser cutting machine, bottle blowing machine, CNC grinder, air tightness detection equipment, etc., main customer: TRUMPF (TRUMPF) laser Cutting machine, JUNKER grinding machine, Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd. etc.

      product description:  

Product classification: pressure proportional control valve, flow proportional control valve

Input/output pressure: max.700bar

Control accuracy: ±1%FS input signal: analog signal (0-10V, 0-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA), bus control (Profibus-DP, ASI, EtherCAT)

Applicable medium: non-hazardous gas (in accordance with the "Pressure Equipment Directive" Chapter 9, Chapter 2, Section 2.2), liquid

Body material: cast aluminum, brass, stainless steel

Connection method: thread, plate

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