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Apply:Flexible fixtures for laser sheet metal welding, electromagnetic fixtures for lathes, grinding machines, lathes (large vertical lathes), etc. for clamping of heterogeneous workpieces, etc.


Germany Wagner Magnete is a family business with a history of more than 80 years. Its main products include Wagner electromagnets, Wagner electromagnets, WAGNER controllers, WAGNER demagnetizers/WAGNER demagnetizers. Widely used in machine tool, laser, mining, port and other industries. Over the past 84 years, Wagner has worked tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products to its customers, and is proud of it.


   The necessity of WAGNER demagnetizer:

The workpiece will be magnetic due to transportation by lifting electromagnet and magnetic roller conveyor, magnetic particle inspection, electromagnetic chuck fixing, high current DC welding, induction hardening and other reasons. In many cases, after the workpiece is processed, it must be demagnetized before entering the next process, and the workpiece cannot contain magnetism. If the material or tool contains magnetism, it will have a negative effect.


   The working mechanism of WAGNER demagnetizer:

The magnetizable substance (iron) contains a very weak magnetic field called molecular magnet. In the absence of an external magnetic field, this molecular magnet is randomly distributed. When an external magnetic field is applied, the molecular magnets are redistributed and strengthen as the external magnetic field is strengthened until magnetic saturation is reached. When the external magnetic field is removed, the redistribution of this molecular magnet will not change.

   Demagnetization is to apply an external magnetic field that is weakened in a reverse direction to the magnetized parts. When a reverse magnetic field is applied, the magnetized molecular magnets produce continuous magnetic changes. As the applied magnetic field becomes weaker and weaker, fewer and fewer molecular magnets rearrange (change back to a random arrangement state). Reverse, the weakening of the reverse magnetic field is to slowly and orderly move the workpiece through the WAGNER demagnetizer.


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