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Q Q:703738287

Apply:Zhìyào, suān xǐ shèbèi, gāngtiě chǎng, liànyóu chǎng, túliào, qīngqī, huàgōng, xǐdí qīngjié shèbèi, bàndǎotǐ, lěngdòng gānzào, shípǐn, píjiǔ děng hángyè 49/5000 Pharmaceuticals, pickling equipment, steel plants, oil refineries, paints, varnishes, chemicals, washing and cleaning equipment, semiconductors, freeze drying, food, beer and other industries

    ChemValve designs and produces high-quality industrial valves for gas, ChemValve check valves for liquid or powder media

    Qualitative safety shutdown and flow control. Widely used in chemical and petrochemical, mining, food, environmental protection technology, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical industries.

    Since the establishment of Chemvalve-Schmid AG, ChemValve check valves have been committed to continuous product development and production efficiency improvement. This involves special customized valves and series of manufactured products.

· Founded in 1993, ChemValve is still an independent private company.

· Core competitiveness: design and development, metal cutting, surface treatment and PFA coating

· Strength: High degree of autonomy, thanks to the continuously increasing value chain in production, flexible and reliable delivery

· Number of employees: 45

· Production area: more than 3600 square meters

· Apprentice Training Center

· Unmanned operation at night due to modern machine equipment

· Own production: PTFE/PFA coated butterfly valve and ball valve, check valve, swing check valve and various alloy filters

     As a designated agent of Chemvalve-China, we can provide you with technical selection and after-sales service.

 product description:

     ChemValve PFA coated ball valve, PTFE coated butterfly valve, PTFE coated ball valve, check valve, filter, ChemValve check valve DN 50-1200 mm / 2"-48".

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